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MAY - Festival of living statuas, Banja Koviljaca, SRB

JUNE - Festival of contemporary woman, Tuzla, BIH 

JULY - LilaLo fire festival, Loznica, SRB

AUGUST - Nisvil theater, Nis: "Svetkovina igre" i "Vatralj"

WMO Pantomime Festival, Vrnjacka Banja, SRB

SEPTEMBER - Trema fest Ruma, SRB, performance art festival Sarajevo, BIH...  


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Premiere: 28.06.2010., DOB- Magacin, Kraljevića Marka street

Stroboscope has no message, it is the way message conveys. Our project deals with cristal clear details - images which don’t have meaning, since the signs speak directly of the phenomena. This piece gives out rules of combining disconnected images which are placed in three rooms. These images are represented through a series of still instalations, combined to form a unity according to the prearranged theatre scheme of the play. Every ten days a woman in Serbia is killed. This fact has contibuted to our concept - mapping misoginy. Our goal is to adress this issue through an open contemporary performing art process of an activist performance. Ana Bastać, begins with her performance dedicated to her mother, who was killed in Belgrade. Performance „Stroboscope“ is dedicated to all

Photo: Lidija Antonovic

Concept and directing : Nela Antonovic
Menager: Jelena Beokovic
Performers:  Ana Bastac, Milica Pisic i Ksenija Đorđevic
Live music and performer: Predrag Radovancevic
Costumes: Anđelija Markovic
Technical support: Dubravka Subotic and Lidija Antonovic
Organizer:  Ksenija Đurovic.